Start of Gwalior

gwalior fort

According to old folklore, Gwalior started with the meeting of Suraj Sen and sage Gwalipa and it is when the foundation of Gwalior was laid. Sage Gwalipa was used to live on the top of the same hill, where Gwalior Fort stands today. The saint had treated his leprosy by suggesting Suraj Sen to drink water of Suraj Kund, which is still there in the Gwalior Fort. The sage gave him a new name, Sohan Pal, and said that until his decendents will keep their last name ‘Pal’ their authority would remain on Gwalior. His next 83 descendants kept the name ‘Pal’. But 84th descendant changed their name to ‘Tej Karna’ and this was the reason that the rule of pal dynasty fell. In the year 1398, the Tomar dynasty took over the power of Gwalior and for some centuries the Gwalior fort continued to be the stage of conspiracy and fights with neutral forces. In 1516, the Gwalior fort was surrounded by Ibrahim Lodi and was taken after a long struggle. After this, the Mughal army took possession of it under Babar and kept it under his control until the Marathas snatch it in 1754. Then for the next 50 years, the Gwalior Fort went through several hands, twice by the hands of the British too. After all, Gwalior came in the hands of the Sindhias whose dynasty still lives in Gwalior. In the middle of the Indian uprising, Gwalior Maharaj became loyal to the British, but his armies did not accept the loyalty of the British, and in 1858, the Gwalior Fort became a playground of many dramatic events and all upliftments and collapses continued. The British had defeated Tatya Tope near this Gwalior Fort and here the queen of Jhansi was killed in a decisive attack on the fort.

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