Benefits and Side Effects of Neem Oil

Neem oil is nature’s wonderful gift which provides health and beauty benefits. Neem oil which is derived or made from neem seeds is highly a beneficial natural product. Neem oil is used in many beauty products as the main ingredient. Neem oil is derived from the seed of neem. Neem oil is basically light or dark brown in color. Neem oil is used many beneficial purposes. It is bitter in taste. It is highly beneficial for skin as it contains oleic acid and linoleic acid.

Get rid of That Acne-Benefits of Neem Oil

Acne and pimples are one of the major issues with teenagers and also with elders today. Neem oil is very good for a treatment of acne and pimple. Neem oil not only cleanses but also removes acne-causing bacterias. Aspirin is one of a compound that is found in neem oil which efficiently removes acne-causing bacteria. Neem oil is also very helpful in eliminating redness and swelling caused by acne. Due to the high content of fatty acids in neem oil, it is also helpful in alleviating and softening of marks caused acne and pimples. Neem oil can also be used in face mask to remove impurities.

Anti-aging benefits of Neem Oil-Benefits of Neem Oil

Anti-Aging Benefits of Neem OilDue to a high level of antioxidants in neem oil, it protects skin from environmental damages.  Neem oil contains carotenoids which provide the high quantity of antioxidants. Antioxidants in neem oil stops increase in free radicals and safeguard our skin. Our skin can easily absorb neem oil and makes our skin supple and soft. Regular use of neem oil is helpful in getting rid of wrinkle and fine lines completely.


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Side-effects of neem oil

  1. Neem oil should be used cautiously where neem oil is to be applied inside the nostrils to treat cold as neem oil can also cause mental illness and even deaths.
  2. According to Medical Comprehensive Database, neem oil is not safe for children below 13.
  3. Neem oil should be used for external use only.

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