Make Your Body Strong With These 3 Yogasana

Regular yoga practice is very beneficial for fit and healthy life. Let’s know about some yoga asanas which gives immunity from many ailments and make our body strong.


Katichakrasana is helpful in making waist flexible and slim. If this asana is practiced regularly it also eliminates constipation.

   Method to do Katichakrasana 

  1. Stand straight, your legs together.
  2. Now while breathing in, bring both hands straight in front, horizontal to your shoulders.
  3. Maintain the distance of both hands similar to that of your shoulders and perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Now while exhaling, turn your back right and try to see towards your behind.
  5. Let your legs stay at their position and give your waist a complete stretch.
  6. Now breath in and bring your hand at their no

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