Morning walk – Easiest way to stay fit and healthy

Morning Walk is the easiest way to lose weight without expensive equipment and without much effort.

Morning walk is also the easiest and the most effective way to stay fit.

According to a research, walking 6 to 9 miles a week helps morning to get a long life and the fit bodies. Not just that, a daily walk of 45 minutes is helpful in weight loss up to 2kgs. in just 7days.

Morning Walk is a medicine for Heart Patients

Walking every day in the morning is very beneficial to control high blood pressure which is helpful in minimizing the risk of heart attacks to heart patients.

Benefits of the Morning Walk in Cancer in Women.

Morning walk plays an important role in women in women health. Daily dose of morning walk for women is highly effective in minimizing the risk of colon cancer in women to 31 percent comparing to women who don’t walk regularly.

Morning walk also reduces the chances of breast cancer in women to 50 percent.

More benefits of Morning Walk

Daily morning walk activates endorphin hormones which is a stress buster.

In addition to benefits in reducing stress, it is also highly effective in improving memory.

Morning walk also works as a medicine for pains in bones.

Body feels relaxed with daily walks.

Morning walk also helps in increasing creativity.



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